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golden-goals Submitted by Golden Goals on Mon, 26/09/2016 - 11:32

Elimination of Scottish clubs or B league teams from the EFL

Expecting to hear big news in the English Football League? Then here is the story for all the football lovers this season. According to the governing body of the England’s three divisions lying below the Premier League, there will be no non clubs from English leagues or any Premier league B teams in the revamped English Football league. Suggestions were made initially for the Scottish giants like the Celtics and Rangers to join the new look team and with this latest announcement of the EFL, the hopes were shut off.


Earlier this year plans were made to alter the present three division format into four leagues consisting of twenty. But the issue lied in the fact about getting eight clubs and raising the number to 80. At that point a discussion started to include the Celtic and Rangers into the new English Football league or the Premier B League teams. However this proposal was rejected by the remaining 72 teams.


It was also discussed and suggested that the EFL clubs would playing through the winter break if they are introduced in the new English League. If once the new structure would have been adopted then according the outlined document which was entitled as Whole Game Solution, there would have been a new show cast. There would have been five professional divisions in the English senior football under the English Premier League having 20 teams each.


However the EFL meeting had a different notion about this entire situation. According to them if there would have been realignment in the numbers then a preference would remain for the eight clubs. These eight clubs would try to make up for the League Three coming below the Premier League under the division of the National League.


There has been an ongoing debate regarding the introduction of the eight clubs and their contribution towards the league. Many opposed to the idea and had strongly gone against such revelations to be made in the league. According to the chief executive of EFL Shaun Harvey it would have been logical to place the source from the National League to the additional eight teams of League three. However it was important to allow the owners and executives of the clubs to voice their opinions and put forward their concerns and ideas towards the new model. Thus Harvey allowed this debate to take place and observe the reactions surrounding the clubs.


Harvey is still planning to consult and suggest any changes in the current league formation and would also observe how the changes will impact the league. He is hoping to continue the discussion with the National League with a little more certainty and would observe how the clubs are coping with the changes.


Everybody is anticipating a big change in the game in the coming season and the supporters of the Celtics and Rangers are surprised with this new introduction. Harvey is looking forward to having conversations with FA as a governing body and not as a competition organiser for the betterment on the game scenarios.

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