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Most Hated Transfer Saga at Barcelona

Last week, we covered some controversial football transfer news in our Goldengoals blog. In this latest post, we will focus on one of the most hatred and hot transfer sagas involving Luis Figo and two of the great La Liga sides – FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Football world has been changing with every passing day. The game which once attracted millions to the grounds as they used to cheer for their players and the stadiums would shake to the core as the teams would take the center stage has now seen a dynamic shift with influx of huge money and the sugar daddies ruling the clubs and transfer markets in the recent times.

Though loyalty shown by the players towards their clubs has not completely vanished from the sport, but today they care mostly about money and the fat paychecks they receive at the end of every game. The football world has seen some drastic and shocking transfers during the off seasons in the past, but the one transfer that came like a bolt from the blue is the transfer of Portuguese star Luis Figo from Spanish giants Barcelona to arch rivals Real Madrid in the season of 2000.

Luis Figo was once considered to be the best player of Portugal. It was said that the talisman had capability of turning a game on its head singlehandedly. He joined Barcelona back then and had a sensational season for the side, scoring goals and supplying assists for his teammates. The player was loved by the club and the supporters who would chant his name every time he used to step on the field. But as they say, everything comes to an end, and Figo’s time at Barcelona surely came to an end on a very sour note.

The player who was then at Barcelona attracted attention of Real Madrid who happened to conduct a pool as to who would be marquee signing of the club for the next season. The Barcelona club president came out in public to insist that Figo would take the field for Barcelona next season as well but that never happened as Real Madrid tabled an offer of 26 million pounds which was a very big amount back in those days.

Figo was personally contacted by the Los Blancos who made a pre-contract agreement and the Portuguese decided to make the controversial switch to Santiago Bernabeu for the next season. When the transfer happened, the rivalry between the clubs intensified as the fans of both the sides engaged in fist fights and occasional clashes were reported as relations between them worsened. The player, who was worshipped once by the Blaugrana supporters, turned out to be the villain.

He was targeted by certain sections of the crowd who threw projectiles at the player when he appeared in whites to play the first derby. Such is the hatred for the player even now that Barcelona requested UEFA to remove him from featuring in a match that comprised of the legends of the team after the player turned from a hero to a villain in the short span of time as he secured a move away from the club.

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