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The Resurrection of Munich

Football has always been a fan favourite in the country of Germany. It is like a mode of refreshment for the people over the weekends, who seem to enjoy their sports a lot. Germany is known for its brand of football. The World Cup 2014, which the country won after defeating Argentina, was only the icing on the cake. The national team of the country boasts of world class players plying their trade in different leagues across the world. Germany national team is considered to be one of the most strongest and the best in the world at the moment.

Bundesliga & Bayern Munich

Germany has it’s own football league, which goes by the name of Bundesliga. Clubs based from all over Germany take part in the league in the quest to become the best club at the end of the season. The quality of players produced by the league has been outstanding and every year we get a few names that make it into the national squad for their outstanding display throughout the season. Bundesliga is, right at the moment, ruled by one team that is leading the race and has been winning the league title consecutively for the last few seasons. Bayern Munich, considered to be the strongest team of the league and the runaway champions for the last few seasons back to back, is a top club in Germany.

Coach Sacked

Bayern Munich have been consistent in their performance over a long period of time. Pep Guardiola was replaced by Italian manager Carlo Ancelotti at the starting of the previous season. His style of management slowly turned stale as the club could not so much in the prestigious Champions League competition. In spite of winning the league for Bayern Munich, Ancelotti was sacked as the players were dissatisfied with him. Bayern could not make it to the semi finals under Carlo’s management and this left the players frustrated even more. Soon fights between the manager and the players broke out as the manager employed tactics that were unsuitable for the system in which Bayern operated.

The club authority had to finally take a stance for the players who wanted the manager to be sacked. Another reason behind the players turning on the manager was the fact that the manager never used to take proper training sessions and would only let the players play an 11-vs-11 match between the players and call it a day in the practice session. As a result, the players could not do the drills. All these reasons led to the sacking of the manager that in the last month.


Carlo was eventually replaced by caretaker manager Jupp Heyneckes. He will be in charge of the Bavarians until the end of the season. Heyneckes has managed Bayern previously and produced successful results to the club. He even guided the club to winning of the Champions League as well. The team has been performing steadily under the management of the caretaker manager and the players are at the moment performing to their full potentials. It is a matter of time before the club reaches the stage it was previously and rules Europe.

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