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Dear Football Passionate and Writer,

We thank you for your interest in writing for, the website that unites football fans from all over the world to get the latest news on top leagues, their favorite clubs and players. With a database of thousands of players, daily news on transfers, contract extensions and background stories, we offer to our users the latest news around the most beautiful sport in the world. Do you want to join our team of writers? As we continue our growth, we are on the lookout for the very best in football writing that we can share with our readers all over the world.

We look forward to your response.


  • A football fan who is passionate and cannot wait for the weekend to come in order to watch your favorite players?

  • Someone with knowledge about the sport, its rules and different teams and leagues

  • Loves to write

  • Reliable and creative

  • Likes to interact with fans from all over the world

  • Willing to join the ambitious team of


  • Sports Business (sponsorships, marketing, revenues of clubs etc.)

  • Football tactics

  • Football anecdotes

  • English Premier League

  • German Bundesliga

  • Italian Serie A

  • Spanish La Liga

  • UEFA Champions League

  • UEFA Europa Leauge

  • or specific football players


  • You like to exchange your thoughts with other football fans

  • You respect the opinions of other people

  • You have an excellent command over speaking and writing in English

You have excellent communication and writing skill and respect the following rules:

  • No copy/paste, you MUST write original content
    Creative writing skills
    Demonstrated style and personality
    No insulting or abusive language


Besides being in touch with a dynamic and ambitious team, we will scrutinize your writing and support you in improving them. Writing for golden-goals. com will give you a relevant and hands-on experience in the sports industry.

We will also promote your articles on our social media websites where we have more than two thousand followers and this number is rapidly increasing. This enables you to present your articles to a wide audience from different countries who is looking for the best football news. By doing so you can position yourself as a prominently in the world of football experts.

Article Guidelines

You will find informative details about article requirements and type, formats and styles on this page. You will also get to know what qualities a good article must have.

Article Requirements

Post Length: Post must be of 750 words or more though word count between 1000 words and 1500 will be preferred. The length of the post is important to get approval for publishing. It is also crucial to maintain relevance and quality of the articles. Extending the length just to cover the word count is not for readers’ digest as quality and context get lost due to such artificial extension

Post in English: It is better to post an article in English to reach to more readers. If the article is written in another language, please translate it before submission. If you don’t have a fair knowledge about the language, get the article edited by an editor whose first language is English.

Originality of Post: Every post written for must be original. Guest posts are one-time-publish material and should not be posted anywhere including your own blog (Duplicate contents benefit no party). Non-Promotional Tone: A guest post must not be written in promotional tone. If the post contains affiliate links or has sales pitch, it will not be considered an ideal piece for publishing. If spammy articles are posted repeatedly, it could lead to blocking of further submissions. You should not develop articles around topics to support justification of link placement in your blog and should refrain from directly or indirectly encouraging the visitors to make a visit to your blog. Promotional contents, developed for profits (including gambling websites) or indecorously plugging the writers’ own work, will be rejected.

Posts not Paid: At this time, the writers will not receive any payment for their work. However, we can give you a TON of value, which will be of good help to decorate your business ventures and professional career. Edition May Be Necessary: It may be necessary to edit posts to correct wrong grammar, spelling mistakes, markup and context for search engine optimization. If the write-up needs extensive edition, the authors will be informed and given another opportunity to revise the work. If it is rejected, the author will be notified with a note highlighting the issues.

Reference and Factually Correct Posts Only to Be Considered: We will do some checking of the basic facts. However, it is also your responsibility to use only correct data well researched, and referenced. Resources and references should be mentioned if necessary. However, no data should be used as a tool for self-promotion.

Licensed Granted by Authors: After you submit an article, you actually grant a license to to be one and only publisher of the post. You have the right to republish extracts online (including your own site) though the entire article must not be reproduced anywhere. However, you can exercise the right to republish the article offline anywhere including book or magazine.


It is important for the writers to understand that we are actually helping each other. The content developed by you to post in our site must offer a certain standard of help to the readers. Keep in mind the following guidelines while writing articles for us.

Readability: We are a community publication. We want only good quality content and want it to be written with a touch of personality. Write in such a way that you are locked in conversation with someone. The article must have an easy flow. The readers must not get a feel that it is written with great difficulties. Go through some old articles posted at our website and you will grasp what we want from you.

Reliability: A good article must contain some supporting statistics and facts. Keep in mind that these facts should be collected from only the authentic sources. The source should contain links as an anchor or to texts via the appropriate keywords. The source can be mentioned after the reference in parenthesis. You should avoid popular dailies and magazines as sources for your write-up. However, you can use them for references.

Relevance: Every article should offer something for those having interest in ‘Sports’. Does your write-up have enough stuff to interest you? Flow with your own writing style and craft an article around a certain topic of interest for our readers. Mail Us at